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Since 2002, The Great Room has offered Lynchburg the perfect blend of culinary comfort and modern luxury. Located inside the Kirkley Hotel, The Great Room boasts an elegant and luxurious spin on classic American fare. Our food is, above all, authentic. From Philly Cheese Steaks to Brooklyn-style Pizza, our menu is inspired by personal visits to cities and cultures all over the country. We serve classics such as French Steak Frites, Classic Shrimp Cocktail, Maryland Crab Cakes, Manchester Fish and Chips, Southern Fried Chicken, and of course, a variety of steaks cooked-to-order.

Our Story (Part 2)

Classic American Fare



The Great Room offers both a traditional dining experience and a modern, communal one. Our wide array of seating options let the patron define their experience at our fine establishment. Our classic dining room tables offer a traditional, yet rustic dining experience, while our nearby couches and armchairs make for a more social and conversational experience best suited for happy hour. Our “kitchen countertop” seating and bar-height tables offer a well-balanced, hybrid experience. We are especially proud of our Barn Room that boasts a variety of seating areas, a sizeable picnic table, bubbling fountains, and hydroponic growing systems.

Our Story (Part 3)



Our restaurant’s creative variety does not stop with the menu alone. The Great Room proudly offers 20 regionally brewed and frequently-rotating craft beers, ciders, and fresh craft root beer on tap. The goal for our taps is to give our patrons a taste of central Virginia’s brewing prowess by keeping “Brew Ridge Trail” breweries on tap at all times. The Great Room also has an impressive cocktail selection, as well as a stellar, but approachable cellar of wines featuring local Virginia vineyards.